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Sod Installation

Provides a fast, friendly lawn repair (sodding service) for as little as $1.20 per/sqft. We clear your existing dead grass, add and level a fresh layer of top grade top soil, then we lay down brand new sod. If you have a damaged lawn from insect infestation, water damage, or poor soil conditions, this is the best way to correct the problem. We can also offers new lawn, lawn replacement and lawn repair services in Toronto and Markham.

We have created a step by step procedure to ensure each sod installation is completed correctly the first time. With no supervision necessary our sod installer professionals follow this procedure every time resulting in the perfect lawn.

You must water your newly laid sod every day for 3 weeks. It is best to water the grass sod in the morning before the sun gets too hot. If you water your sod during hot sunny weather you can burn the sod. If you water it at night you risk getting mold. It is best to water the grass sod first thing in the morning. Even tho we only use top quality Kentucky Blue Grass Sod, The extensive watering schedule must be maintained during the first few weeks after sodding is done, until the roots take deeper into the ground, and are able to draw moisture deeper below the surface.

We have developed rate tables to get a very accurate costings to properly install your new lawn based on a number of factors including premium soils, premium sod, and premium installers. A small profit is added to the cost and that number becomes your quotation price.

This pricing model ensures that you receive a gorgeous new lawn without us having to cut corners like our competition, all at a fair price.

We want to make sure we go above and beyond your expectations. So please spread the word to your friends and family, of our excellent sodding services we extend to you in Toronto and Markham.

We value your business and would love for you to share your appreciation with the community around you,and hopefully build a lasting relationship for the future.

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